BTS Suga Is A True Fanboy After Getting Flustered By The Unexpected Actions Of His Next “Suchwita” Guest

Suga has a long history with his next guest!

BTS‘s Suga is one of the world’s biggest stars, and millions of ARMYs worldwide look up to the rapper, producer, and true all-rounder. Yet, as successful as Suga is, the idol also has his own idols and musicians he looks up to.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Recently, Suga started his own show on YouTube called Suchwita, where he invites guests and has a drink and chats with them in a less formal setting.

Since the show started, Suga has had some huge guests, including SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi, fellow BTS member RM, and his ideal BIGBANG‘s Taeyang.


It seems like Suga’s next guest is another artist he loves, as shown in the newest trailer.

A trailer of the upcoming episode was shared on BTS’s social media, and from the beginning, the connection between Suga and his guest was undeniable. Suga revealed how much the guest meant to him and how he’d changed from a role model to a friend.

My role model and someone who has now become a really good friend… [Host’s role model and good friend visits] I was a dedicated, active member of HIGH SKOOL.

— Suga

Suga even added that even now, he still listens to the songs from his guest.

Yet, it seems like the feeling is mutual as the unknown guest revealed that even his fans believe that the fan with the most success is Suga, which made the BTS singer laugh.

Many ARMYs love sharing how much BTS has inspired them, and it seems like Suga is just like us as he shared how impactful this artist has been!

When I write music, you’re the one that I’m most influenced by. Whenever I’m having a rough time,
I listen to your songs [Fanboying 2. Listens to his songs whenever he’s having a hard time].

— Suga

Yet, although Suga is normally unflappable and quite calm, the BTS rapper suddenly got very flustered when the guest showcased his mutual admiration.

The guest suddenly got out a little figurine of Suga and asked if he could sign it. As the video ended, Suga’s reaction was so wholesome and had ARMYs even more excited for the episode.

While many of the guests were obvious, it was harder this time to identify the person… but ARMYs and netizens who know the history between the groups knew that it was none other than veteran artist Tablo from the iconic group Epik High.

Epik High’s Tablo

Yet, while most of Suga’s guests aren’t confirmed until the teaser, Tablo hilariously hinted at the appearance hours before the announcement was made.

On Twitter, the artist tweeted about the upcoming Epik High video release, but intrigued fans when he mentioned 10 PM (KST) with the caption, “I will make kpop twitter’s dream come true.” 

Although it seemed very mysterious, the replies were flooded with ARMYs after the Suchwita trailer, as many loved how Tablo was basically hinting at the collaboration before any announcement.

If the episode with Taeyang was iconic, the upcoming show will undoubtedly be as iconic as ARMYs see Suga turn into a fanboy yet again.