Suga’s Final “D-DAY” Concert Is Full Of Special BTS Guest Appearances — But In Very Different Ways

The three shows have treated ARMYs to some emotional moments!

During BTS Suga‘s recent show, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement after seeing several members at the show, but attending in very different ways.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Suga has been performing at the iconic KSPO Dome for the final leg of his Agust D D-DAY tour to thousands of fans in the venue and millions streaming online.

The poster for the final shows | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On the first two shows, ARMYs were treated to special appearances from BTS’s Jungkook and Jimin, who performed with Suga but also their solo tracks.

August 6 marked the final day of Suga’s tour and it seems like the surprises for ARMYs didn’t end there. While the show got underway, netizens couldn’t hide their shock after seeing BTS’s Jin and J-Hope in the crowds, after seemingly taking a holiday together to watch Suga.

BTS’s J-Hope and Jin | @bts_twt/Twitter

In the clips posted by ARMYs attending, J-Hope and Jin seemed to be living their true “ARMY” life with their lightsticks. Throughout the songs, the two members were jumping and singing along while still boasting their unrivaled visuals.

While fan videos were amazing, Suga seemingly knew that fans wanted to see the members properly, so the camera panned to Jin and J-Hope. Of course, BTS’s “Happy Virus” J-Hope couldn’t hide his joy with a salute and some finger hearts.

“Worldwide Handsome” Jin also shared some love with all the ARMYs there, and fans couldn’t get enough of the idols together.

If that wasn’t enough, not long after Jin and J-Hope’s appearance, ARMYs suspicions were proved correct when the final special guest was none other than leader RM!

BTS’s RM | Naver x Dispatch

For many fans, this was a full circle for RM and Suga and as the group’s leader came out to perform “STRANGE” for the first time with Suga since it was released in 2020, it had ARMYs very emotional.


RM didn’t stop there and surprised fans when he announced he would be singing an unreleased song, but making ARMYs emotional after saying, “I think this is the last time I’m standing onstage before enlisting,” although he confirmed his haircut was because of the weather.

Unsurprisingly, with a sea of beautiful ARMY Bombs in the background, RM’s new song filled the venue.


ARMYs couldn’t hide their love after seeing RM come back out and stand next to Jin and J-Hope to watch the remainder of the show.

For many fans, seeing the BTS members at Suga’s shows, in their own ways, has been a beautiful thing to watch.

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