BTS’s Suga Opens Up About The First Time He Cried In Front Of His Parents

Suga showed that everyone is allowed to be human!

BTS‘s Suga recently got honest about the first time he cried in front of his parents during the recent pandemic.

BTS’s Suga | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On stage, Suga seems as cool and collected as possible. Yet, like even the strongest people, Suga has moments where he lets his guard down, and the idol recently revealed the first time he cried in front of his parents.

On July 3, a new episode of Suchwita was released with comedian and MC Jo Se Ho. As expected from the teaser, it was truly chaotic, and there were some moments that had viewers LOL’ing as Jo Se Ho showcased why he is so popular and why netizens love his charisma.

Yet, it also got extremely deep as Suga looked back at his days before BTS and how he got his start as a young adult before debuting with the group at 21 years old.

Suga then revealed that it wasn’t until he was 23 years old that BTS started to be known more. While it could be the defining moment for BTS, Suga revealed that it was also the hardest time for him.

He then shared how with all that fame, Suga didn’t feel the same impact when it came to receiving money for all his work, something that many idols have experienced.

Suga even revealed that no matter how tough things got, he never allowed his family to see his true emotions.

It wasn’t until the COVID pandemic that Suga revealed that he allowed his emotions to be seen by his parents.

Most people will know how hard it was as the world was on lockdown, with people isolated from the ones they love. Suga was no different and found it tough not to be able to perform for ARMYs, so he cried in front of his parents for the first time and even slept in their room.

Suga shared that he had moved out at 18 but was sleeping in between his parents and sharing his emotions as an adult.

As Suga let out his emotions, Jo Se Ho rightly explained that many ARMYs would be shocked to hear that he felt this way, as the idol has a certain image. Even though Suga felt guilty for having those thoughts, the comedian reassured his feelings in the perfect way.

As always, Suga isn’t afraid to open up to the people closest to him, and that includes ARMYs.