BTS’s Suga Leaves A “Flirty” Comment On RM’s Latest Instagram Post, But RM Has The Funniest Comeback

It’s okay Suga, we understood what you meant!

Every idol has their own personality, and the more different it is from those around them, it cements their unique personality.

One person who has always stood out for his style and personality is BTS‘s Suga. Compared to many idols, he can seem quite shy and introverted compared to the rest of the group.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Yet, even though he can be shy, ARMYs know that Suga is also one of the funniest, most caring, and loveable idols, especially when he’s interacting with the rest of the group.

In particular, he’s always had a bond with fellow rapper RM.

BTS’s Suga (left) and RM (right)

The dubbed “Sugamon” duo have always made netizens LOL but also melted hearts with their interactions, and they have a special friendship that everyone is obsessed with.



Well, it seems like Suga might have brought out his flirty side with RM on Instagram, but with the funniest results.

On September 6 (KST), RM went on Instagram and posted some pictures from the shooting of his photobook called “Entirety.” Like the teasers seen, RM looked cool, calm, and collected while filming in the sun and with some beautiful backdrops.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

Even when he wasn’t focused on the camera, RM exuded model vibes, and it wasn’t surprising that netizens were truly obsessed.

| @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

Well, it seems like Suga felt the exact same way when looking at the photos. When the post was shared on Instagram, ARMYs noticed that Suga was the first member to interact with the post, adding a seemingly flirty comment saying, “(Oh) it’s a hot guy.”

Unfortunately, it seems like either RM didn’t fully read the comment, was shy about the compliments, or he wanted to shut down the public flirting.

In his reply, RM explained, “It was quite hot [the weather],” referring to the beautiful skies and weather while he was filming… not his own visuals like Suga thought.

As always, Suga is always very considerate and, sensing the tone of the conversation, quickly changed his own tone, replying once again with, “Yeah, it’s becoming hot these days again [the weather].”

Like any interaction between the BTS members, netizens couldn’t get over the comments. While many couldn’t get over just how relatable Suga was with his comments to RM, others loved how RM’s response was completely different.

While others remembered that it isn’t the first time Suga has called RM a “Hot guy” and made BTS’s leader very flustered.

Of course, whatever RM’s intentions were, he definitely would’ve appreciated Suga’s comment because BTS’s leader was definitely handsome AF in the photos. Yet, ARMYs know that RM gets shy with compliments so maybe changing the subject was his instant reaction.

Source: @rkive