Promoting Satanism?: BTS Suga’s Collaboration With Halsey Earns Mixed Reactions

Some fans are concerned, while others have no issue with it at all.

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Recently, BTS‘s Suga collaborated with American singer Halsey for a reimagining of the song “Lilith,” which Halsey previously released. As always, their vocals sounded amazing together.

Yet, some found the song itself, as well as the music video, to be problematic. Even self-confessing ARMYs have expressed concern over “Lilith,” claiming that it promotes Satanism.


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Even Halsey’s comment section on Instagram is filled with upset and worried netizens. While many claim to be fans of Suga, they are concerned for religious reasons. Some even think the collaboration is following in the direction of cults and/or the secret society Illuminati.

Many more ARMYs are defending Suga against allegations that he is promoting Satanism, cults, etc., with his collaboration with Halsey.


Like if yall dont wanna listen the song then dont?? Why yall gotta announce it?? #yoongi #suga #btsarmy

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As some have pointed out, “Lilith” is for the video game Diablo IV, so naturally, it was not going to be a song like “Boy With Luv” or “Dynamite.” Still, BTS has songs with darker concepts, such as “Boy With Evil,” “Blood Sweat & Tears,” and “Black Swan.” Not to mention Suga’s solo music as Agust D contains dark and mature themes.

Netizens are more concerned about “Lilith” than other songs due to the title and its connotations. Lilith is a demonic figure in Jewish folklore. She has been theorized to be the first wife of Adam and was banished from the Garden of Eden when she wouldn’t obey him. Yet, she became a symbol of feminism as, to many, she represented freedom and sensuality.

Lady Lilith, de Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1866–1873) | Delaware Art Museum.

In the video game Diablo, in which Halsey’s song is used as an OST, Lilith is the daughter of one of the three Prime Evils. She is a demon character.

Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred, and the sister of Lucion, known to all of Sanctuary as the Queen of the Succubi. Once the lover of the archangel Inarius, her union with him led to the creation of the first nephalem.

— Diablo Wiki Fandom

Lilith in “Diablo” | Blizzard Entertainment

In the music video for “Lilith,” Halsey represents Lilith, while Suga represents Inarius, an Archangel of the High Heavens. In the song, he sings to Halsey, “Step out of the moment. That’s been trappin’ you in all this negativity of hatred and insanity. Don’t dwell on the past; it’s time to make a change. Look around; believe in what you see, I have returned to hell.”

Inarius was an Archangel of the High Heavens, once part of the Angiris Council as an advisor to the main council. He, along with other Angels and Demons, were sick of fighting in the endless Eternal Conflict, so they banded together and left Heaven and Hell with Inarius and Lilith as the renegade leaders. Together, the various Demons and Angels created a world of their own known as Sanctuary, and also created the firstborn humans known as the nephalem.

Inarius would rule over Sanctuary until the end of the Sin War when he was defeated and given to Mephisto. His current fate is unknown, though he is assumed to be alive.

— Genius

Halsey | Halsey/YouTube
Suga | Halsey/YouTube

The video game is about the fight between good and evil, the war between Heaven and Hell. The demons and monsters are the antagonists of the game. In Diablo IV, players can play one of five characters: Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Necromancer, and Druid. So, you’d actually be fighting demons. You’re not one of them.

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