BTS’s Suga Embraced His Long Hair During His Live Broadcast, And It Was All Thanks To Jimin

Fans even noticed Jimin make a special appearance!

Although BTS took some well-deserved time off for their extended vacation, the members have started to go back to their idol lives in different ways. Over the past month, ARMYs have been treated to several live broadcasts from the group.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Instagram

On March 1, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement when Suga surprised fans with a live broadcast from his studio. During the broadcast, Suga spoke to fans about everything from the best advice for getting tickets for the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE tour, praising his members, and much more.


In particular, fans couldn’t help but notice just how much Suga’s hair had grown. Even Suga couldn’t get over the length explaining that his hair was growing out…


And it was appropriate considering the title of the broadcast was, “(my) Hair has gotten a lot longer.”

Even during the broadcast, ARMYs couldn’t stop talking about Suga’s hair. At one point, the idol explained, “There are people saying grow my hair longer, and there are people saying to cut it.”


Well, it seems it isn’t just ARMYs who are obsessed with Suga’s hair because it was someone else who chose the title of the broadcast, and it was none other than Jimin!

As soon as Suga went live, Jimin went on Weverse to share that he personally picked the name of the broadcast before it happened. In the post, he explained, “I was the one who named Yoongi hyung’s live broadcast title.

| Weverse

After the TMI was revealed, eagle-eyed fans thought that they even noticed that Jimin was lurking at the start of the broadcast. Before the post, some thought it could be J-Hope or even a ghost at HYBE, but it seems more reasonable that it was actually Jimin.


Luckily, even Suga confirmed that it was Jimin, adding, “That was Park Jimin behind me.


When the broadcast had ended, people couldn’t get over the fact that Jimin had shared his love for Suga’s hair by naming the broadcast after it. Others shared that they were sad that Jimin didn’t make an appearance but loved that Suga let his younger member choose the name of the live broadcast.

There is no denying that Suga’s hair looks amazing in any style, but many fans definitely have a soft spot for the long locks. The fact that Jimin loved it enough to name the broadcast after it proves how close the two are. Especially after the duo’s live with RM last month, they are definitely iconic AF!

BTS’s Suga (left) and Jimin (right)

Whether Suga chooses to cut his hair or not, there is no denying that he looks great with his long black hair. Fans wouldn’t mind if he continued growing it out.

You can read more about the broadcast below.

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