BTS’s Jin Wanted To Be The First One To Wish Suga Happy Birthday

Nobody could steal his thunder.

After a week of celebrating “Min Month”, the big day is finally here; Suga‘s birthday! This year, BTS‘s rapping genius turned 28, and Jin wanted to be the first person to wish him a happy birthday.

Jin and Suga

So, did Jin count down the seconds to the stroke of midnight? Nope! That would have been too risky. Instead, Jin sent Suga his first birthday wish more than three months in advance!

In December 2020, Jin wrote, “Yoongi, Happy Birthday! I bet no one is earlier than I am!” on Weverse, just to make sure nobody could steal his thunder.

Then on March 8, the day before Suga’s birthday, Jin wrote another message on Twitter. “Yoongi, I’m the first one to wish you Happy Birthday,” he wrote, and added a handwritten, “Happy Birthday” doodle to Suga’s photo.

Happy Birthday, Suga!


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