BTS’s Suga Steered Clear Of Jungkook’s Strength — Jin Wasn’t So Lucky

“Minstradamus” knew exactly how this game was going to go down.

Sometimes Jungkook can’t control his own strength, and nobody knows that better than his BTS members!

The Golden Maknae is cuddly and sweet, but he’s also competitive AF. Unlike many of his sneaky hyungs, Jungkook usually plays fair, but he always plays hard!

On June 16, Run BTS! returned with Episode 104 and a whole lot of chaos. To decide who would be choosing their self-styled outfits first, the members played musical cushions.

Suga, ever the strategist, knew that the biggest, strongest, and swiftest members would have the advantage. “If I bump into others, I’ll be flown away,” he said…

…and by “others”, he meant Jungkook.

Before the game started, Jungkook had been told not to “do it too violently”, but that’s easier said than done.

Minstradamus must have foreseen impending injuries because he didn’t want to be anywhere near Jungkook’s muscles!

Unlike Suga, Jin didn’t seem afraid…but he should have been.

He beat Jungkook to a cushion, but that win came at a high cost!

Nobody expected Jin, J-Hope, and Suga to make it into the top three spots for a physical challenge, but in the end, Suga won. His psychic powers led him to victory…

…and Jin to misery!