BTS Suga’s Reaction To Taking A Fan’s Phone That Wasn’t Recording Has A Hilarious Plot Twist

The real culprit was identified!

BTS‘s Suga has been stealing the hearts of fans as he’s embarked on the Agust D D-Day tour. Suga had the funniest reaction during a recent show when taking a fan’s phone because there was a hilarious plot twist.

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On May 10 (local time), Suga continued his world tour by performing in LA. Unsurprisingly, the crowd was hot, and Suga shone with his talent, visuals, and personality.

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Well, it seems like Suga continued to interact with fans, including taking their phones (as long as they weren’t iPhones), but there was an unexpected plot twist this time.

During the recent show, a fan shared Suga’s unexpected reaction after taking a fan’s phone. After moving the phone around to get good content, Suga started laughing out of nowhere. The idol then started showing the screen to the crowd as it seemed like the phone hadn’t been recording.

| @dxxr_suga/Twitter 

Yet, while many ARMYs initially shared their sympathy towards the fan, it seems like the reality was completely different, and Suga had actually caused the exact situation that made him LOL.

One ARMY shared their perspective, and it seemed like the culprit behind the video not recording was Suga himself!

In a clip later posted by a fan who saw the video firsthand, it was hilariously revealed that rather than forgetting to hit record, Suga had stopped the recording himself when he picked up the phone.

| @sunflwerrmoon/Twitter 

Unsurprisingly, the reaction from the ARMY watching the video was truly iconic, as they revealed the unsurprising reaction to what happened.

Suga thought the fan had forgotten to switch the recording on, but he was the culprit behind the mystery. Whether the idol knew or not, fans captured the moment, and even if the video was off, the ARMY’s phone that Suga took will forever be iconic.

You can read more about Suga’s “No iPhone” rule when interacting with fans on tour below.

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