BTS’s Suga Eyes Top Hollywood Celebs For “Suchwita”

He’s dreaming big!

To celebrate the anniversary of BTS‘s fandom ARMY, the members each released a BANGTAN BOMB. 

In his BANGTAN BOMB, Suga attended the film premiere of The Devil’s Deal. He explained that actor Lee Sung Min had invited him when he guested on Suga’s online interview show Suchwita.

Suga promised he would support one’s premiere if they guest on Suchwita. He said his show has been doing so well that guests are now contacting to appear, rather than vice versa.

Suchwita is doing so well now that PR teams for movies and dramas contact us first to schedule appearances. The guests look for us now.

— Suga

Still, Suga is dreaming bigger. He would like to interview international guests, too.

Robert Downey Jr. | Marvel Studios
John Cena | HBO
Dwayne Johnson

Suga’s dream guests include Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr., wrestler and Hollywood actor (and certified ARMY) John Cena, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He knows that Hollywood stars often visit Korea for press tours, so he’d love to be the one to interview them when they promote their movies.

Now it’s time for actors visiting Korea. Robert Downey Jr., John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, I want these people on Suchwita. They say the Korean movie market ranks third in terms of size. Apparently, we watch a lot of movies, so a lot of actors end up visiting Korea. That’s when we’ll get them on Suchwita. I need to hurry up and learn English.

— Suga

Suga never ceases to amaze ARMYs. We believe he can make this dream a reality!

Watch the full video below.


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