BTS’s Suga “BE Log” Is One Minute Of Non-Stop Cuteness

Guitarist Min Yoongi is the best thing you’ll see today.

In today’s “BE Log,” BTS‘s Suga shared some behind-the-scenes footage with ARMY.

We got to see a side of him we hadn’t seen much of yet. We all know him to be a rapper, dancer, producer, and genius songwriter. We now know him as a guitarist as well.

Suga shared what’s most important to him: his music. Many clips in the video showed a dedicated musician hard at work.

He also got his hair done pre-performance. Looking good as always!

Suga did his signature smile! He is me anytime someone shoves a camera in my face.

He let Jungkook film some additional behind-the-scenes footage! Thanks to the maknae, we got this wholesome content in the end.

Check out Suga’s full “BE Log” below for more cute moments!