BTS Suga Puts Haters In Their Place With The Best Response About Malicious Comments

He basically told them, “Come at me!”

During his recent live broadcast, BTS‘s Suga reassured fans who were worried that he will get hurt by reading malicious comments.

“People write stuff like, ‘Oppa, don’t look at malicious comments and only look at positive things.”

— Suga


Rest assured, Suga doesn’t read malicious comments! He’s too busy with his own life to get online and read haters’ spewing their negativity.

“I’m sorry but I don’t get on the internet often. That’s why I don’t really know the latest trending words. I usually just use it to monitor [our broadcasts], so I don’t even get the chance to see malicious comments.”

— Suga


Suga even dares them to keep the malicious comments coming because he’ll never read it. He doesn’t have time for that when he’s flying higher than ever with BTS!

“I’m sorry to those who write malicious comments, but I don’t read them. You can keep writing more.

I don’t read them, you’re going to write them, and someone’s going to sue. There’s nothing good to come out of it. I don’t read malicious comments.”

— Suga


With nothing good to come out of negative comments, Suga brushes them aside to focus on the success he’s achieved with his fans!

“There’s no reason for me to read them either. What would I do with them?”

— Suga


Words from the wise. Way to put them in their place, Suga!