American Singer MAX Finally Meets His “Brother”, BTS’s Suga

After three years of being an ARMY, he met Suga in person.

Fans are crossing their fingers for a collaboration between BTS‘s Suga and American singer-songwriter MAX!


Many of BTS’s biggest fans are fellow musicians like MAX, who has been proudly flaunting his ARMY colors since 2017. In this interview, MAX explains that he became a big BTS fan after hearing Jungkook sing his song “One More Weekend” in a live broadcast.


MAX tweeted a thank you to BTS and ARMY for showing “One More Weekend” so much love. “Thank you again Jungkook for the love!” he wrote.


In his interview with Wild 94.9, MAX talked about his desire to collaborate with BTS. He has been keeping track of other BTS collaborations, including this one with Fall Out Boy.


Three years later, MAX has finally met BTS in person. He posted this photo with Suga, taken at what appears to be the Big Hit Entertainment building.


Their meeting happened while MAX was in Seoul for his January 14 concert at MAUV Hall.


Is a 2020 collaboration in the works? We’ll just have to wait and see!