BTS’s Suga Sends ARMYs Into Meltdown As He Posts An Update…With A Brand New Haircut

It wasn’t as if ARMYs needed more to be excited about!

The past few weeks have been very eventful for ARMYs worldwide. After BTS finished their schedule in America, fans worried there might not be as much content, but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

During their trip, the members decided to open their own Instagram accounts and, since then, there has been an influx of updates, and it seems as if the content is neverending!

BTS members in America | @Bts_bighit/ Twitter

During the past week, BTS shared updates of their trips and how they’re spending their vacation time. Their updates have also created many memorable moments that ARMYs have loved.

One person who recently shared an update that caused ARMYs worldwide to scream internally is Suga! After some of the members returned to Korea straight after their schedule, Suga stayed in America and lived his best life…

| @AgustD/ Instagram

On December 17 (KST), while still in America, Suga posted a picture of himself at a UFC fight on December 11. Although many couldn’t get over his visuals, something else caught the attention of ARMYs, and it was his hair!

While performing in America, Suga had orange, floppy hair that seemed to start fading. Well, ARMYs were shocked to see that in his new update, Suga not only had dyed his hair black but had an undercut!

| @agustD/ Instagram

When the update was shared, the internet went mad, and phrases such as “Suga,” “Agust D.” and “Min Yoongi” started trending, with ARMYs sharing their thoughts on the new haircut. Rightly, they couldn’t seem to get enough.

However, it isn’t the first time Suga has had a black hair undercut. ARMYs were quick to share throwback pictures of the classic haircut. Considering how good he always looks with this style, it isn’t surprising that fans are going crazy again.

| @AgustDtop/ Twitter

In particular, some fans brought back an old video from a live broadcast Suga did where he spoke about his alter ego Agust D!

In the clip, Suga explained that there are various other names for Agust D, with “Anger” being used for when he has blonde hair. He then added that he would reveal the name for black-haired Agust D in his next mixtape.


After the clip resurfaced, many thought that the new hair might hint at new music. In the past, Suga has pointed out many times that material could be on the way very soon!

It seems like it is the week for BTS to break the internet after posting a picture of their hair. On December 14, Jimin basically broke Weverse after treating ARMYs to a picture of him wearing long extensions before they had been styled into his American look.

| Weverse
| Weverse

After RM returned to Korea, Suga is the only one to make his return. No doubt ARMYs will be waiting to see more images of his new haircut! You can read more about BTS and their hairstyles breaking the internet below.

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Source: @agustD