BTS’s Suga Is Doing The OST For “BTS Island: In The SEOM,” But The Members Can’t Stop Teasing Him

It shows just how much they love Suga!

When it comes to idols that can do it all, BTS‘s Suga is one of those people who is known as an all-rounder. Alongside being a rapper, songwriter, and visual, Suga is known for being an amazing music producer and has made songs with the members of BTS and other huge artists.

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After the success of his collaboration with member Jungkook with the OST “Stay Alive” for the group’s webtoon 7Fates: CHAKHO, ARMYs couldn’t wait to see what Suga created next. 

Ahead of the release of their new game BTS Island: In The SEOM, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement when Suga hinted that he was doing an OST for the game.

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Well, it seems like that is official that Suga will be doing an OST for the game soundtrack and the group has recently had some fun teasing their member about it.

On April 26, BTS released a video that introduced ARMYs to the game and literally showed that they are the epitome of chaos when they’re put in the same room as each other.

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In particular, after discussing why they’d met up in a very tropical room, RM pointed out that Suga had a special role in the game as he confirmed the rumors by saying, “I’m making the OST for the game.

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When J-Hope asked whether Suga had started writing the OST, the main rapper proved he is always one step ahead. Suga then explained that after he’d accepted the offer to do the OST, he started to have doubts.

Whenever they ask me to do something, I tell them I’d do it. But, I regret it the next day.

— Suga

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Yet, the members couldn’t miss an opportunity to tease Suga about it. In particular, they seemed to find it hard to believe that Suga had any doubts and started joking that it seemed to be the complete opposite.

Jin: I think you were very enthusiastic about it.

Jimin: You mentioned it several times.

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Suga then showcased just how hardworking he is by unsurprisingly revealing that he’s been extremely busy. Considering that the group is preparing for a comeback and it’s been announced Suga is collaborating with PSY for his latest album, it isn’t surprising to hear.

Several works were assigned to me all at once, so I was busy.

— Suga

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V then joked that Suga’s love for his work was so intense that his hobby was actually working, even if he had a day off. Suga proved him 100% right as he added that even the day before filming, Suga had been working.

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Even as they started to transition into the main video, the members couldn’t stop joking with Suga, with RM adding, “You should work!” and J-Hope explaining that the OST is as important as the game, which might’ve added some pressure on Suga’s shoulders.

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As much as they love to tease each other, BTS couldn’t stop praising Suga. In particular, as the leader, RM shared that he knows the OST will be amazing because Suga has a special talent that very few have.

I’ll be looking forward to the amazing outcome he’ll make. (Something with a story), Yoongi is the only one who can do it among us. Help us Min Suga.

— RM

| BTS Island: In The SEOM/ YouTube 

As much as the members like to tease each other, they are always respectful and showcase their love and appreciation when someone has accomplished something. Even though Suga’s OST hasn’t been released yet, it will undoubtedly be amazing and ARMYs can’t wait to hear it.

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