BTS’s Suga Explains Why Rehab Was “Much More Painful” Than His Shoulder Surgery

He also shared his initial reaction after the surgery.

Ever since BTS‘s Suga underwent surgery to alleviate his shoulder pain, fans have been extra worried about him. Thankfully, he has said that he is feeling better, and he has since shared his experience with rehab.

In a recent live broadcast on his birthday, Suga went into the details of his surgery and explained why rehab was much more painful.

The rehab is more painful than the surgery. That’s what I personally think. The shock-wave therapy hurts more.

— Suga

Even though he can tolerate more pain than the average person, he still felt as if rehab hurt more. He shared a story of his initial reaction right after the surgery.

I’m quite insensitive to pain. After the surgery, the doctor asked, ‘Don’t you feel the pain?‘ This is what I said, ‘Well, it’s not that painful.’ But the rehab is more painful. I came out of the surgery and told my manager in the hospital room, ‘This isn’t as painful as I thought.’

— Suga

What he didn’t know at the time was that the pain would hit him after the anesthesia wore off.

I didn’t know that the pain comes after the anesthesia goes away. At that time, I was getting some kind of PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) injection, so it wasn’t very painful.

— Suga

He ended by reiterating how difficult rehab was for him, particularly the shock-wave therapy that he received.

In fact, after I left the hospital, the rehab was much more painful. It was difficult and painful. The shock-wave therapy is painful.

— Suga

Suga has gone through so much, so hopefully he can make a complete recovery soon!

Source: BTS SAGA