BTS’s Suga Once Planned To Open This Restaurant In His Hometown If He Became Successful

Many ARMYs would probably never dare to try this food, unless it was for Suga.

Actor Park Sun Ho appeared on Video Star to reveal that he’s actually been close friends with BTS‘s Suga since they were both trainees.


Back before these two friends even debuted, the two dreamed of what they would do if they succeeded. And Suga suggested that they open up a makchang restaurant back in his hometown, Daegu!

“I used to be an idol trainee. We were both trainees but for different companies. We became friends, and we used to talk over drinks.

We said this just for laughs, but Suga said, ‘When we become successful, let’s set up a makchang restaurant in Daegu.’”

— Park Sun Ho


Makchang is a popular barbecue cuisine in Korea, where they grill large intestines of either pigs or cows.

Although it’s well liked for its soft and oily taste, it isn’t liked by everyone as it is still an unusual organ part of animals.


Park Sun Ho explained that they used to “cheer each other on” during their difficult trainee days “by joking about [their] future business.


But this was all 7~8 years ago. Park Sun Ho rarely gets the time to meet Suga “because of his world tours“, so they “only cheer each other on through text.


Park Sun Ho left a loving message to Suga, wishing him the best of luck in all that he’s done and is doing. He also joked about meeting up again soon to talk about their business plans since they’ve both succeeded in their individual careers!

“Yoongi, I hope you get to see this video. I think you’re amazing. I hope you stay unhurt and safe as you continue to succeed.

Let’s meet up one day to talk about our makchang restaurant.”

— Park Sun Ho

Source: Newsen


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