BTS’s Suga Reveals That He Believes The Lyrics From “Permission to Dance” Can Be A Symbol Of Hope

They are words of comfort for fans worldwide!

Since its release, BTS‘s new track “Permission to Dance” has been praised for its message of inclusivity, consideration of the environment, and much more! The lyrics and the music video have provided a message of support for fans worldwide during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


In a recent interview with SBS, the host discussed the lyrics from their songs and how meaningful they are to the members and ARMYs. In particular, he pointed out the lyrics from “Permission to Dance,” which says, “Cause when we fall, we know how to land.

Suga explained that the words in the lyrics are something that he often thinks about and the importance of the differences between the two most important words in the line.

I’ve said several times that I’m afraid of falling but not landing. And the difference between falling and landing is that landing means that you can take off again.

— Suga

For Suga, it is the choices made when someone is in a difficult situation that can help determine whether we choose to give up or continue.

So, no matter how desperate the situation is, if we choose landing instead of falling, choose not to give up, and just land, we’re ready to fly again.

— Suga

In particular, these lyrics were something Suga thought was appropriate for the current situation, not only as cases rise but as some countries try to get back to normal.

I thought it’s a very appropriate thing to say in the current situation, and I could relate to the lyrics while singing. And there are countries where the situation is slowly but surely getting better. Seeing that, I think I am looking for hope again.

— Suga

There is no denying just how important BTS’s lyrics are and how much they have provided comfort for many ARMYs during these difficult times. You can watch the whole interview below.