When BTS’s J-Hope Says “Do This”, Even Suga Can’t Say No

ARMY’s fanclub representative, J-Hope, came through for them once again.

If ARMY has a fandom representative in BTS, it might be J-Hope. J-Hope goes out of his way to give fans the BTS content they deserve!

J-Hope gift fans with sweet gestures and fanservice, but he also encourages his members to do it too.

J-Hope is the reason why fans added this cute Jimin selfie to their collection last November. “Hobi-hyung said ARMYs will like to see me wearing this,” Jimin wrote.

J-Hope is also the reason why Suga, who rarely posts on Weverse, gave fans two adorable new selfies on February 4. “I’m uploading this because Hobi told me to,” says his caption.

Now, everybody say thank you, SOPE!