BTS’s Suga And PSY Are Besties Behind The Scenes Of “That That” MV

They had a blast on set.

BTS‘s Suga and PSY joined forces for “That That,” combining their different flavors to bring fans something fresh. Their synergy is just as strong behind the scenes as it was on-screen!

PSY (left) and Suga (right) | @psy_oppa/Twitter

Despite their sixteen-year age gap, PSY and Suga have become good friends. In a promotional video for “That That,” Suga said that working with PSY felt like working with a “childhood friend.”

That sentiment couldn’t be more apparent in the making-of video for “That That.”

The mood on set was light and fun as Suga followed PSY’s directions to perfection.

As always, Suga was a total pro on set, but even this seasoned star is weak for PSY’s comedy. During their rap battle, Suga burst out laughing when PSY busted these moves.

One of the best things about the “That That” collaboration is its origin story. Originally, Suga was just supposed to produce the song, but PSY “tricked” him into featuring on the track, learning the choreography, and eventually dancing in the music video.

As expected, PSY brought up Suga’s dancing, saying, “You’ll most definitely be dancing by the age of 40. And on that day, I’ll tease you.” 

Watch the behind the scenes here.