“Knowing Bros.” Reacts To PSY’s Slap Fight With BTS’s Suga In “That That” MV

We are all Heechul.

Fans around the world were blown away by PSY and BTS Suga‘s collaboration, “That That,” and some of those fans are celebrities in their own right!

PSY (left) and Suga (right) | @psy_oppa/Twitter

As part of the promotions for “That That,” PSY guested on the variety show, Knowing Bros. In addition to asking PSY questions about his new song, the cast reacted to the “That That” music video. They loved every second of it and danced along with PSY.

Suga struck the cast speechless when he dropped from the sky, making his grand entrance. At first, the cast didn’t seem to know who he was…

…but when his face was revealed, they shouted, “Suga! Suga!” (ARMY can relate.)

This iconic fight scene took Super Junior‘s Heechul by surprise. He looked totally shocked when PSY started slapping Suga around and shouted, “Oh, hit Suga?!” Only PSY would dare!

After watching the video, the cast gave PSY a well-deserved round of applause. The “Gangnam Oppa” never fails to impress with his creativity, comedy, and sheer talent!

Watch the video here: