BTS’s Suga Reassures ARMYs His Shoulder Is Fine After Worrying Them During Opening Performance

He’s okay now.

This past weekend was highly-anticipated by ARMYs all over the world because it was finally D-Day for BTS‘s MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E online concert.

| @bts_official/Twitter

With fans all over the world waving their ARMY bombs, the concert started off on a good note. But while watching the show, many fans began to point out Suga‘s shoulder as he seemed uncomfortable while performing.

Taking a look at the clip below, you can see that he is doing the choreography with one hand.

Even during the end of the concert, you can see that he cannot lift his arm up all the way for the final bow.

“Here you can see that the members aren’t raising their arms up high because it might be hard for Suga. He really must be in a lot of pain. Please go to the hospital! We know that your love for music is important but your health is a hundred times for important!”

After the concert, “윤기어깨” (Yoongi’s shoulder) began trending on Twitter as fans showed much worry for his shoulder. The selfies that he posted after the concert also revealed a bit of a shoulder brace that showed that he was actually in a bit of pain.

Fans searched up arm braces that looked similar to Suga’s and shared it online. “Is this the shoulder brace that Yoongi is using?”

Fans were worried and sad but felt that Suga really knew the heart’s of his fans as he continued to post happy, smiling photos after the concert so as not to worry the fans.

“My heart is sad to see his face..and him posting not just one but two photos…Of course his shoulder won’t get better just by him posting this but it really feels like he knows his fans. He talked about his shoulder just once during the concert and did not talk about it again even after the show. He just posted two beautiful photos of himself. He really knows just how much he means to the fans…”

During day two of the concert, he left a short message to fans letting them know that he is fine. “Hello this is Suga. My shoulder was a bit uncomfortable during the opening performance so I couldn’t do the choreography properly. But it’s totally fine now so you don’t need to worry about it. Let’s have fun today! Let’s go!”

Fans have continued to leave messages of support and love online wishing that Suga would get better soon and to remember that his health is the most important!