BTS’s Suga Reveals His Thoughts On Reliving Painful Memories When Writing Songs

Most people want to forget unhappy experiences—but not Suga.

Usually, people prefer to forget all the unhappy memories that they experienced in the past. Songwriters like BTS‘s Suga, however, do the opposite. As they write lyrics, they relive the pain all over again then allow the world to know what they went through.

Suga’s raw and powerful debut mixtape Agust D is testament to this.

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Knowing that Suga has touched on his past hardships in several songs, E NOW‘s Sakshma Srivastav asked if he finds it difficult to relive painful memories whenever he writes lyrics. Laughing slightly, he replied that he doesn’t have a problem with it.

It wasn’t that difficult. Because we work on music a lot, we have many songs out there, so when we work on our individual projects, we always think about what to talk about.

— Suga

He views the negative experiences as opportunities to tell more stories to fans. Rather than give him pain, writing about the memory helps alleviate it.

Now that we look back at those experiences, we feel thankful because they enable us to tell various stories. And the things that used to be painful to recall aren’t anymore because releasing music also helps alleviate that emotion, so it’s half and half for me.


Although the same may not be the case for others, Suga personally thinks that releasing music helps him process his pain better and ultimately overcome it.

For me, it has been helpful. Many people are living with their traumatic memories, but I’m sure that the moment will come when they can overcome that. I also think you need to go through the process where you organize these emotions, and for me, one of those processes is releasing music.


Hear more from Suga in the full interview below.

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