BTS’s Suga Reveals He Doesn’t Want To Be Forgotten During 35th Golden Disc Awards

Welcome back Suga!

BTS member Suga made his return to the group after his shoulder surgery.

The group attended the 35th Golden Disc Awards and won the bonsang award for the Digital Song Division.

After winning the award, leader RM commented, “We are so grateful to be able to win another award in the music category.”

The members were also so happy to have Suga return to the group.

Everyone I am Suga. I have returned. After not showing my face for about two months because of my surgery, I felt like I was slowly being forgotten. That’s why I tried my best to return as soon as I could. I am Suga, someone that works hard in order to not be forgotten.

— Suga

Previously, Suga received surgery to fix a shoulder injury and was unable to participate in most activities at the end of last year.

Although he has returned to the stage, he will still be working on physical therapy in order to heal sufficiently from his surgery.

We’re so happy to see Suga again!

Listen to his full ending speech below!

Source: hankook ilbo


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