BTS’s Suga Reveals He Still Keeps The Friendship Necklace He Bought With V

Here’s how V reacted.

Remember the time BTS‘s Suga and V went around Hawaii together?

They made fans smile with their unpredictable actions and unique friendship.

Towards the end of the day, they commemorated the experience by purchasing matching necklaces. The simple, black necklaces became a symbol of their friendship.

In the most recent episode of Run BTS!, the boys were asked to think of ideas for future episodes. One of Jimin’s ideas was to make friendship accessories together.

The topic of accessories reminded Suga of his friendship necklace with V. He revealed to everyone present that he still keeps his. “For your information, I still have the matching necklace that I bought with V in Hawaii“.

The question is, however, does V have his necklace?

J-Hope excitedly asked V if he still keeps his necklace…

…and V smiled slightly as he looked at J-Hope without saying a word.

Suga didn’t appear to mind at all, simply commenting on how it is difficult to wear everyday.

V may or may not still have the friendship necklace he bought with Suga, but fans know that their friendship has never been stronger!

Source: V LIVE