Suga And RM Showed Up In The Same Shirt, Now We’re Laughing

These rappers arrived in FG style.

How far would you go to prove a point? Some fans are wondering after seeing BTS‘s RM and Suga in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Just one week ago, a fan mentioned Suga and RM’s habit of wearing the same Fear of God (FG) shirts on Weverse. “Yoongi and Namjoonie’s couple look. Are they wearing matching clothes or sharing…”


In reply, Suga left one of his hilariously realistic comments. “We bought [the shirts] separately…Some of them I bought earlier, and some of them I bought later. We don’t pay attention to each other.” 


As if to prove that he and RM do not, in fact, share clothes, they wore the exact same FG shirt upon arrival in Riyadh. The matching shirts can be seen here, in Hyundai‘s group photo, posted October 11.


Although the world may never know whether Suga and RM deliberately or accidentally dressed to match, fans are loving it!