“Bighit Editing Skills Be Like” — BTS ARMY Clown Attempts To Hide The Identity Of Suga’s First Guest On His New Variety Show

“Bighit really thought they did something..”

ARMY were shocked when BTS‘s official Twitter account posted a teaser video for Suga‘s new series SuChwiTa, announcing that the first episode would be aired on December 5.

Fans are excited about what the new series would entail, especially given how entertaining and real Jin‘s recent YouTube series, The Drunken Truth, was.

Jin | @jin/Instagram

In the teaser alone, Suga is already showcasing his comedic genius and genuine personality, which ARMY can’t wait to see more of.

Suga | @agustd/Instagram

And ARMY are also incredibly excited for the “mysterious” guest in the first episode, who was “hidden” with a sugar cube and cropping. Although there was some sort of attempt to hide the guest’s identity, fans can’t help but laugh at how apparent the guest’s identity is.

They are absolutely confident that it’s none other than RM.

RM | @rkive/Instagram

Especially since the video showed about half of the global celebrity’s face and clearly included his familiar voice.

Fans were even pointing out how RM had recently shared a picture on Instagram that may have been taken while filming the new show.

And Bighit wasn’t the only one recently trying to get ARMY to guess a “hidden” BTS member. Interviewer Zach Sang tagged BTS’s official Twitter account and “hid” the identity of the BTS member he was interviewing.

Once again, fans had no hesitations in immediately identifying RM from the silhouette, sharing their excitement at the upcoming interview.

Given how well ARMY know BTS, there’s certainly no way to hide a member’s identity when giving these sorts of “hints.”

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