BTS’s Suga Shocks ARMY By Revealing More Skin Than Ever Before

ARMYs never expected to see his belly button…

While several BTS members have gone shirtless or rocked a see-through shirt, Suga is one of the more modest members. He tends to stay relatively covered up no matter the occasion.

BTS’s Suga | Weverse

So, it’s come as a shock to see Suga in a sexy see-through shirt. Interestingly, it’s for BTS’s Korea tourism campaign “Feel the Rythm of KOREA” as part of the new Korean tourism brand Imagine your Korea.

While they just released a new video featuring Suga and Jimin, it’s the header for the YouTube channel that has ARMYs talking or should we say, freaking out…

| Imagine Your Korea/YouTube via @KakePop3/Twitter

ARMYs quickly noticed that Suga was wearing a completely see-through top in the header photo, and they were shook, to say the least. Suga is technically wearing the same shirt in both the video and promotional imagery, but the transparency is even more obvious in photos.

Come to think of it, we had never seen Suga’s belly button before…

Please have mercy on us, Suga.

We’ve come so far…

We’ve definitely entered a new BTS era.


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