BTS’s Suga And SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Reveal Their Groups’ Reactions When They Don’t Like A Song They Make

The two groups react very differently.

As producers who have worked on music for their groups, BTS‘s Suga and SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi bonded on the recent episode of Suchwita over their similar experiences in the industry. One of those experiences was their members’ reactions to their music.

Woozi and Suga. | @agustd/Instagram

While some people are hesitant to give negative criticism, Woozi denied that was the case for SEVENTEEN. He revealed that “they’re very tough when it comes to feedback.

Woozi gave a straightforward imitation of how the SEVENTEEN members react to a song they don’t like. He said, “If they don’t like a song, ‘I’m not feeling it.’ They just say it as it is.

Because SEVENTEEN has thirteen members with “different preferences and opinions,” Woozi noticed that if they all agree on a song, it usually gets the company’s approval as well. On the other hand, BTS’s reactions were much less straightforward.

We have a lot of members, and we all have different preferences and opinions. ‘I don’t think we can promote it like this.’ ‘I don’t think this part of the song works.’ In order to meet all those requirements…

— Woozi

Suga revealed that BTS didn’t say a word if they disliked a song. He said, “Since there are seven of us, if someone doesn’t like something, we tend to just go, ‘It’s good. Let’s just go with it.’” That’s why Suga acknowledged that it was much more difficult for Woozi, who had to satisfy twelve other members.

Watch the two producers share the different ways their groups react to songs they don’t like.

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