BTS’s Suga Shares An Interesting Tip For Getting Rid Of A Stye

We’re glad he’s feeling better.

After performing for the MTV Video Music Awards, BTS’s Suga took to Twitter to thank fans for allowing them to win so many amazing awards.

I’ve been wearing glasses because of a stye…a huge thank you to our ARMYs for allowing us to receive an award…Thank you and I love you all hehe.


Not long after, BTS turned on a live stream to celebrate Jungkook‘s birthday and say thank you to fans for their first No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. During the live stream, Suga mentioned that his stye instantly got better after finding out that they had hit the No.1 spot.

“You know after we reached No.1 my stye got better.”

RM: Finally?

Suga: I started getting healthy.

The other members were confused at first about what was going on.

Jin: So your stye disappears after reaching No.1?

J-Hope: Wait are you saying you got a stye or that your stye got better?

After realizing that Suga’s stye had gotten better after they made their No.1 win, the members began to joke around about the win being the cure for all things.

RM: This is a remedy that can even cure a stye.

Jin: If you are sick just hit No.1!

They recommended that people make a Hot 100 win if they want to get better.

RM: I recommend getting a No.1 win on the Hot 100 if you are sick.

J-Hope: Hot 100 if you are sick!

It not only cured his stye but brought him good health all around!

Suga: I feel like my blood circulation is better and I feel healthier too.

Well, it might be possible for BTS to use a No.1 win on the Billboard Hot 100 to feel better, but it’s going to be hard for others to use that when they’re sick! Congrats once again to BTS on their first No.1 win and we’re glad to hear that Suga is feeling better too!