BTS’s Suga Rocks The Same Jacket Years Later

It still looks new!

BTS‘s Suga proves that he can still rock old fashion like new!

BTS’ Suga

Recently, Suga held a live broadcast with RM and Jimin. ARMYs couldn’t help but notice something familiar…

From left: RM, Suga, and Jimin | BTS/VLIVE

Suga was wearing an iconic jacket that we’ve seen him wear before. It’s the Bape x Mastermind Japan “skull jacket.”

Suga has actually not just worn this once or twice. He has worn it several times through the years.


The first time Suga wore this jacket was all the way back in 2014, shortly after the group’s debut. While he doesn’t wear it in the original official “Boy In Luv” MV, he wears it during the “Choreography Version.”


Since then, he’s worn it even more times. Suga wore it five years ago during the YOU NEVER WALK ALONE PREVIEW SHOW. 

Likewise, in 2017, he wore it with a black turtleneck when the group visited LINE FRIENDS to create their BT21 characters in the BT21 UNIVERSE YouTube series. You can see it in the first couple of episodes.

Suga (left) and J-Hope (right).

Suga has frequently been wearing it over the years. He’s worn it to travel like this airport fit with a matching T-Shirt…

ARMYs love that Suga not only kept the jacket after all this time but that he continues to wear it despite growing.

Some wonder if his sudden wearing of an old clothing article hints at their upcoming comeback. The members have been reminiscing on the past lately, and Suga even previously said they would do hip hop again like their early music.

Whether a comeback hint or not, there’s no denying that Suga’s wearing of old clothes is praiseworthy. He truly values items regardless of how much money he has now. Not many idols or celebrities repeat outfits, yet the biggest boy group in the world does.

This wouldn’t be the first time that ARMYs praised Suga for his habits of keeping old clothes. Suga practices a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle, which is very admirable. He well maintains what items he does have so that he can continue to use them many years later.

Suga proves that you don’t need new clothes all of the time to stand out and look fashionable! Even after eight years, his skull jacket looks new!