BTS Suga’s Pink Sweater Just Sold Out At The Speed Of Light

This sold-out sweater was a gift from a fan.

Shopper-ARMYs have added another BTS clothing item to their closets. As a bonus, this one comes with a sweet backstory!

On March 22, BTS posted a video message that spreads hope and positivity in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

RM explained that BTS was chosen by the cadets of the Korea Armed Forces Nursing Academy to help cheer up the world through their supportive words.



Although ARMY listened intently to BTS’s heartfelt message, some fans were a little distracted by Suga’s pink sweater.

Shortly after the video came out, Suga’s I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING hoodie sold out on the brand’s website.

The hoodie regularly sells for approximately $62 USD, but it was on sale for $44 USD. ARMY took advantage of the savings faster than you can say “Suga”!

The fact that Suga wore this sweater is reason enough to buy it, but it has a sentimental history that makes it even more desirable. A fan gave Suga his sweater as a gift two years ago!

This is a hooded sweatshirt that I sent in the beginning of 2018 after I saw the support notice,” the fan wrote. “It’s been quite a while since then but thanks to Yoongi I was able to see him wear it. It’s so amazing to see him wear it.”

Watch the video message here:


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