BTS’s Suga May Have Spoiled His “Wholly Or Whole Me” Photo-Folio Concept In January 2022

“We know where those came from now.”

The members of BTS have been releasing their own individual photo-folios, showcasing their unique creative styles and visions. RMJinJ-HopeJiminV, and Jungkook‘s photo-folios have been released and they took fans’ breaths away with their creativity.

BTS J-Hope’s “All New Hope” behind-the-scenes photo-folio preview | Naver

BTS Jin’s “Sea of Jin Island” photo-folio preview photo

BTS Jungkook’s “Me, Myself & Jungkook: Time Difference” behind-the-scenes photo-folio preview

As fans have enjoyed six of the members’ photo-folios and the group photo-folio that featured all seven members, Special 8 Photo-Folio Us, Ourselves, and BTS ‘We,’ ARMYs have eagerly awaited the release of Suga‘s photo-folio.

Suga has kept fans captivated since September 2022 with a series of mysterious photos from an unknown project that have been intermittently uploaded to his personal Instagram account.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

| @agustd/Instagram

| @agustd/Instagram

While it’s currently unknown what the photoshoot is for, many theorized that it was a sneak peek at Suga’s photo-folio project.

Today, BIGHIT Music released the first teaser images from Suga’s photo-folio and the name Wholly or Whole Me

BTS Suga’s photo-folio preview image and title | @bts_bighit/Twitter

The photos were taken in a secluded spot in a desert environment with a cozy camping setup.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Netizens couldn’t get over how perfect the setting seemed to be for Suga.

Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that the setting looked familiar.

In January 2022, Suga posted two photos of himself in what appeared to be the Western United States.

BTS Suga’s Instagram post in January 2022 | @agustd/Instagram

BTS Suga’s Instagram post in January 2022 | @agustd/Instagram

With the release of the new photo-folio concept photos, many believe the January 2022 photos on Suga’s Instagram were hints for Wholly Or Whole Me.

While suspicions were raised at the release of Suga’s mysterious and steamy photoshoot, the actual hint may have been in his casual January 2022 post the whole time!

While we wait for more information on Suga’s photo-folio, you can check out more about his recent activities in the article below!

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