BTS Suga’s Staff Saves Halsey From Falling At Agust D Concert

They nearly fell off the stage!

American singer-songwriter Halsey nearly had a nasty fall at BTS Suga‘s recent Agust D concert.

Suga is currently on his SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN US. He just performed his third Los Angeles concert at Kia Forum on May 14.

Previously, his friend and collaborate MAX joined him on stage to perform their song “Burn It” on Day 2.

Now, Halsey, who has worked with both BTS and Suga, surprised ARMYs on Day 3 to perform “SUGA’s Interlude!” ARMYs couldn’t believe the unexpected guest!

Halsey and Suga delivered a phenomenal performance, as always. They are both such amazing performing artists.

Yet, some ARMYs noticed that after, Halsey nearly suffered a horrible fall! They were walking downstairs off the stage when they tripped.

Thankfully, one of Suga’s staff saw Halsey attempting to catch their footing and rushed over. The staff literally flew in like a superhero and caught Halsey’s fall.

The video clip went viral with 186.7K views and 35K likes at the time of writing. ARMYs were so impressed by the staff.


That was an amazing catch team Suga!! Glad I got to see Halsey 🥰 #suga #ddayla #dday #day3 #augustd #bts #yoongi #halsey #ddaytour #agustd #agust #d

♬ original sound – Ri 🔪

We are so glad Suga has an attentive and protective staff around him.

Source: kniveschauu_

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