BTS’s Suga Is An Successful Fanboy After Epik High’s Tablo Brings A “Surprise” On “Suchwita”

Suga got so flustered!

BTS‘s Suga is currently hosting his own YouTube show, Suchwita. Throughout the X episodes, fans have seen and heard Suga chat with guests, revealing his thoughts and feelings about many subjects.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Another thing fans love about Suchwita is that they can see Suga live out his best fanboy life with some of the guests on the show.

When BIGBANG’s Taeyang guested on the show, Suga couldn’t help but reveal the group were some of the biggest VIPs (BIGBANG’s fan club name) around…

…even saying that “BIGBANG practically made BTS.

In the latest episode of Suchwita, Suga has become a successful fanboy yet again.  For episode five, Suga’s guest is the legendary Tablo of Epik High, someone the group highly respects.

Suga (left) and Epik High’s Tablo (right) | @blobyblo/Instagram

Suga excitement over the other artist’s guesting is noticeable from the start, the two sharing a hug when Tablo makes his way onto the set.


The BTS member even introduces Tablo by saying, “my role model, and someone who has now become a really good friend.


Before the interview can fully start, Tablo shares there’s something he’d like to do. Tablo then pulls out something from his bag, asking Suga to sign it.


The item turns out to be one of Suga’s Tiny Tan Nendoroid (posable figurine)! Tablo admits that he collects them, causing Suga to become flustered. As Suga signs, Tablo says that he would never open the toy up, keeping it as a in-box collectible!



After Suga signs, Tablo jokingly says that he can leave “since he got what he came for.


Suga’s successful fan moment was too cute! You can check out the full episode below.