BTS’s Suga Teases Jimin For “Showing So Much Skin”

“Why are you showing so much skin these days?”

BTS‘s Suga couldn’t help but tease Jimin during the recent episode of Suchwita!

Jimin is the latest guest on Suga’s YouTube series Suchwita, where the rapper interviews celebrities. Jimin is currently promoting his debut solo album FACE.

While talking about Jimin’s comeback, Suga didn’t hold back. He straight-up asked Jimin why he had been baring his skin recently.

Why are you showing so much skin these days?

— Suga


Jimin admitted he removed his shirt for the “Set Me Free Pt.2” MV, but just once. Suga was confused as to why he did it, though.


Jimin: I take off my shirt once in the music video.

Suga: You go shirtless in the music video?

Jimin: Yeah.

Suga: Your body isn’t that good, is it?

Jimin: I’m just skinny.

Suga teased Jimin that his physique wasn’t worth taking his shirt off. He reminded him of his abs for the ab-revealing “No More Dream” choreography.


Suga: I’d get it if your body was like it was in “No More Dream.” You don’t work out at all.

Jimin: Yeah, so…

Suga: Why take it off?

Jimin: I don’t have any muscles that’s for sure…

Abs or not, ARMY thinks Jimin always looks so handsome!

Watch the full episode below.