BTS’s Suga Reveals His Thoughts On Singing More In Recent Songs Even As A Rapper

“‘Permission To Dance’ was a little bit difficult.”

BTS‘s Suga may be one of the rappers of the group, but he doesn’t shy away from singing when the song would benefit from his vocals.

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, he was asked what he learned about his voice once he started singing more often.

You sing rather than rap in ‘Permission to Dance.’ In addition to rapping, you started singing more both before and after BE. What did you learn about your voice?

— Weverse Magazine

Suga revealed that he struggled with his vocals in “Permission To Dance” because they were higher than what he was used to.

‘Permission To Dance’ was a little bit difficult. I don’t draw a line between singing and rapping or anything, but it was different from our usual style, and the vocals were a bit high, too.

— Suga

Due to the increased difficulty, he practiced harder and even asked other musicians for advice. They told him to sing more instead of try to sing better, and he agreed with them.

So even though it took a while to prepare for it, I worked hard. Even when I asked some older musicians for their opinions, they all said, ‘It’s good the way you’re doing it. Don’t try to sing better—just sing more.‘ I think my only option is to sing more, like they suggested.

— Suga

Knowing how beautiful Suga’s vocals are, it’s welcome news that he wants to sing more!

Source: Weverse Magazine