BTS’s Suga Will Be “Uncle Suga” To MAX’s Daughter

Suga’s collaborator and friend MAX is making him part of the family.

MAX is hoping to make his friend and collaborator, BTS‘s Suga, a member of his family.

| @MAXMusic/Twitter

This year, MAX and Suga collaborated on the song “Burn It” for Suga’s Agust D mixtape, D-2, as well as MAX’s song “Blueberry Eyes”. “Blueberry Eyes” is a love letter to MAX’s pregnant wife, Emily, who co-stars in the music video, along with their unborn daughter.

During an interview with MYXclusive, the host voiced a popular question from fans. She said, “People are asking if you want Suga to be a godfather to your daughter.”

“He’s definitely going to be Uncle Suga,” MAX replied, laughing. He described Suga as “such a good friend” to him and “an incredible host”. MAX’s wife was unable to come with MAX to Korea last time, so now he’s looking forward to Suga meeting the whole family in the future.

“He’s just so giving, I feel like I can’t wait for my baby girl and Emily to finally meet [him],” MAX said. “I remember I sent him the sonogram picture and he was so excited when I revealed that she was being born, and so he’s going to be a great Uncle Suga in Korea when she meets him.” 

Say hello to the luckiest little girl in the world!


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