BTS’s Suga Proves Just How Unselfish He Is With His Birthday Wish

He deserves the world!

BTS‘s Suga is celebrating his 30th birthday, and he revealed what gift he would like.

BTS’s Suga | Weverse

Suga celebrated his birthday with a live broadcast via Weverse. During it, he showed off his cute cat-themed birthday cake…


He even serenaded ARMYs while playing the guitar. Suga’s not only the birthday boy but also this party’s performer.

Considering it’s his birthday, shouldn’t we give him a gift? But what do we get him?


Suga actually revealed during the live broadcast what he wants for his birthday, but it might surprise you! It certainly revealed his true personality as the gift he wished for was not actually for himself but rather… ARMY.

Suga replied to an ARMY’s comment, asking what gift he would like. He sweetly replied that he wanted ARMY’s happiness.

Funny that he says that because that’s what we wish for him too!

True Personalities

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