BTS’s Suga Reveals What He Does Every Day To Feel More Emotionally Stable

Here’s how it affects his music.

BTS‘s Suga sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where he described how he takes care of himself to make sure he’s always in a good state mentally and emotionally.

When asked if the pandemic has exhausted him, he revealed that meeting his family regularly has been a big help in helping him feel more stable.

I look at it as, when you lose one thing, you gain another. I ended up being able to see my family more since I’m in Korea. In that sense, I feel more stable, so I’m not so much tired as hoping each day that things will become okay soon.

— Suga

Lately, he’s been learning more about himself, and he discovered that he feels good whenever he starts and ends work at a fixed time. He also knows what time he needs to wake up to feel good that day.

I keep moving back and forth between work and home, and I’ve started to reflect on parts of myself I didn’t know about before. Like that I feel somewhat comfortable when I start and finish work at a certain time. While I used to have to go to bed at a certain time for work the next day or else I had a hard time getting up early, now I know I’ve figured out what time I should wake up at to make sure I feel good all day.

— Suga

He added, “What I pursue in life is emotional stability, and I don’t think there’s really anything too exciting or sad happening these days.

Finally, when asked how his improved wellbeing has affected his music, he shared that there hasn’t been a major difference. For example, he no longer needs to feel a specific emotion like sadness whenever he’s writing a sad song.

They don’t have a big effect on it. I think it affects the way I write lyrics a bit, but I’m not working on any lyrics at the moment. I’ve been making music for a long time, so I think it’s possible for me to express emotions I’m not feeling in the moment.

— Suga

He reflected on “Permission To Dance” and revealed that he was happy about the timing of its release. “And it’s good that we released ‘Permission To Dance’ in this kind of situation.

Source: Weverse Magazine


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