BTS’s Suga Can’t Even Escape The Iconic “Yoongi, Marry Me” Meme At Valentino’s Paris Fashion Show

It was the perfect sign for the “City of Love.”

BTS‘s Suga is once again gaining attention after ARMYs constant marriage proposals through the iconic “Yoongi, marry me” meme went global.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

“Yoongi, marry me” has to be one of the most-known memes amongst both the BTS members and ARMYs. It seems like no matter where Suga goes or what he’s doing, the idol is inundated with marriage proposals.


The sign at a BTS concert

The sign at a recent basketball game Suga attended

Well, it seems like marriage proposals have made another appearance in January, and this time at a global fashion show in Paris.

On January 25 (local time), Suga made his debut as Valentino’s newest brand ambassador at the brand’s fashion show in Paris. As expected, Suga looked flawless in a tanned suit that was perfectly tailored for the idol.

Suga at the Valentino show | @Preyoti_1/Twitter

| @wwd_jp/Twitter

Whether it was simply walking to the entrance, sitting and watching the models, or being interviewed, Suga truly was the main event.

| Vogue Japan

| Vogue Korea 

Of course, considering the anticipation for Suga’s Valentino debut, it wasn’t surprising that the crowds went crazy as soon as the idol appeared. The screams were deafening as Suga made his way through the crowds and media to the venue.

At one point, a video was shared of someone shouting, “YOONGI” at the top of her lungs while Suga was having his photo taken.

So, considering the excitement and anticipation, it wasn’t surprising (but it was definitely hilarious) that one ARMY came prepared with a “Yoongi, marry me” sign.

When the image of the sign was shared, ARMYs rightly shared their hilarious reactions to the appearance of “Yoongi, Marry Me” at another global event.

One fan even created a hilarious translation for Suga in a clip from an interview…

Yet, what made it even funnier was that one ARMY pointed out that wedding dresses were being showcased at the event, and it would’ve been the perfect place to have the “Yoongi, marry me” signs.

It seems like Suga will never be able to escape the marriage proposals. Considering Suga’s talent, visuals, and charm, is it surprising that everyone wants to marry him? Paris is the city of romance and ARMYs wanted to showcase their love to Suga.

You can read more about Suga’s appearance at the Valentino show below.

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