BTS Makes Surprise Appearance At The 2022 Oscars And Shares Favorite Disney Films

No one expected it!

The Oscars is an awards show that celebrates the best films of the year, so imagine ARMYs’ surprise when K-Pop boy group BTS suddenly made an appearance!

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94th Academy Awards | Discussing Films

An exclusive interview featuring the “Butter” singers was shown on the screen after Disney won several awards at the ceremony. They were asked about their favorite Disney film musicals, and without missing a beat, Jimin excitedly shouted, “Coco!”

“Coco” is an animated film released in 2017 that tells the story of Miguel, a child who dreams of becoming a successful musician despite his family’s ban on music.

RM called it “a real masterpiece.” According to the rapper, he loved it so much that he watched it three times.

And I cried a lot,” he added.

Hearing that, Jimin shared that, unlike RM, he didn’t cry while watching it.

I didn’t cry though.

— Jimin

J-Hope then revealed that his favorite is “Aladdin.” RM even gave a shout out to Will Smith, the actor who plays the role of the genie in the live-action adaptation!

“Aladdin” is a story about a street urchin who meets Princess Jasmine. While visiting her palace, he accidentally stumbles upon a lamp that unleashes a powerful genie.

The interview solidified how big of a fan the members are when it comes to Disney. They showered it with praise, with V calling it “unbelievable” and Jin saying it “stimulates emotions well.”

  • V: Truly, Pixar is unbelievable.
  • Jin: Disney movies stimulate emotions well.

Short and sweet, J-Hope stated that he enjoys watching Disney films.

Overall, I like Disney movies.

— J-Hope

See BTS’s special Oscar appearance for yourself below.

Source: Twitter