BTS Have A Surprise Cameo In A New Samsung Commercial

We weren’t expecting to see them!

BTS made a surprise appearance in a new ad for Samsung‘s Galaxy S21 phone!

Samsung’s newest ad campaign revolves around Mother’s Day and features creators such as RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen, and TikTok stars Olive Mannella and Sean Sotaridona, amongst many others.

| Samsung

The group appears at the end of the video, wishing the viewers a happy Mother’s Day.

| Samsung US/YouTube 

This is their latest ad with the company which they have been partners with since last year.

The group and the company teamed up to celebrate and promote the launch of the Galaxy S20+ 5G and the Galaxy Buds+, which even came in special BTS Editions, as well as the Galaxy Buds Live.

Their promotional pictures for the Galaxy Buds Live had fans swooning and accepting marriage proposals–yes, you read that right!

Check out their cameo in the Samsung Mother’s Day commercial below!

Source: Billboard