BTS Totally Stressed Out A GRAMMYs Announcer Before The Show

Fans captured this hilarious GRAMMYs moment on camera.

One of the most stressful things about a live show is making sure everything happens on schedule. Just ask the GRAMMY’s staff.


On January 26, a hilarious behind the scenes moment was captured on camera when BTS attended the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards. As the clock ticked down to showtime, the GRAMMYs’ announcer asked all attendees to take their seats.


“We’re under two minutes, we’re probably a minute in a half,” he said through speakers. “I must have you in your seats now. Everybody, please in your seats. Clear the aisles. Please.”


The announcer became more insistent as time began to run out. Like a teacher with a class of unruly students, he started naming names. “Take your seats. BTS, take your seats!” he urged. “BTS take your seats!”


It should also be noted that, at one point, Jin stood up on a chair above the crowd. Why? We may never know.


According to Twitter user @_yourgalaxy (the fan who recorded “BTS, take your seats!”), the members had only 60 seconds left to sit down!


With so little time left, it’s no wonder why the staff was ready to throw hands!