BTS Announce They Will Take A “Hiatus” From Group Activities But Will Explore Solo Ventures

It is the start of a new chapter for the group!

According to The Associated Press, HYBE has since clarified the meaning of BTS’s next chapter.

June has been an extremely busy month for BTS. Not only did it mark the release of their latest album PROOF, but the members also celebrated their 9th anniversary. Like every year, the group has treated ARMYs to so much content, showing love for their fans.

Most recently, the members all sat down to celebrate the event with their BTS FESTA Dinner.

Yet, as fun as the video was, with the members sharing a lot of TMI, one stood out the most. Suga revealed that the group would be going on a small break from group activities, which was the reason for several differences in the schedule.

Anyways, we’ve now entered an off season… Should we talk about why we’re not doing the FESTA or making content? Should we get into that? Yeah, we have to talk about the direction we’re taking since the topic of our direction came up.

— Suga

RM then went on to explain that after the release of their tracks like “Butter” and “Permission to Dance,” something changed. He added, “I didn’t know what kind of group we were anymore.” The group’s leader also touched upon the issues within the K-Pop industry.

The leader then went on to explain that everything got a lot for the members, and it got to the point that he worried that they had lost their direction as a group.

Jimin also added that it was a tough time for the members and there are so many things they want to tell ARMYs. He explained that they’re working through a process of trying to discover their identity again.

I think that’s why we’re going through a rough patch right now. We’re trying to find our identity and that’s an exhausting and long process.

— Jimin

Yet, although it might worry ARMYs, BTS made sure to put their minds at ease by explaining that it isn’t a hiatus that will be forever and that they won’t stop seeing the members. In fact, the members explained that they would be using this time to find themselves again through solo tracks.

V particularly shared some wise advice from J-Hope that showcased why they chose to make a decision like this.

J-Hope told me this before. We could focus on our solo work this time, and later, when we gather again as a group, that synergy will be like no other. We’ll be better than before.

— V

J-Hope then shared his side of the explanation, adding, “BTS’ stance on solo promotions, solo music is going to change a lot now.” It seems like the members will be moving on from their solo mixtapes and focusing on releasing solo albums.

I think we could talk about that right now. First of all, our mixtape content now will be changed into albums.

— RM

Even at the end of the video, the members continued to get emotional when discussing the issue but it showed how much they care for ARMYs and their feelings, especially when RM said, “We won’t get to gather like this for a while (in front of the cameras).” 

After the announcement, BTS made sure to reassure fans that this isn’t permanent and that it is just the members trying something new and finding their identity again. All of it is to improve BTS as a group and allow them to find joy in their music again.

J-Hope:  We’ve been talking with each other a lot about how we need to separate even just a little bit to know how to put ourselves together again, and how [time apart] can be very important.

Suga: It’s not like we’re disbanding! We can live apart for a little while!

Throughout the video, BTS proved how much they love ARMYs and that even this break from group activities is just to come back even more refreshed. After working constantly as a group for almost a decade, the members have chosen to take a step back to find themselves through their own music.

Check out the full video below:

Source: BANGTANTV/YouTube