BTS And This Talented Soloist Are Huge Fans Of One Another

They have immense respect for one another.

BTS is known for having fans all around the world but it’s still refreshing when one of their colleagues turns out to be a huge fan as well.

Recently, posted a very complimentary tweet on BTS’s official Twitter account.

It reads “A color I like…” and the song being played is “Traffic (Green) Light” by extremely talented soloist Paul Kim. This wasn’t the end of the bromance between BTS and Paul Kim however…

The hashtags included in the tweet are also very cute, they make reference to the fact that Paul Kim’s real name is “Kim Taehyung” which is the same as V’s real name.

Give Paul Kim’s beautiful ballad a listen to see why V loves it so much.

Paul Kim responded soon after, both on his Instagram and on Twitter.

He posted a picture of the tweet accompanied by a comment: “Did I just feel a flutter?”. Paul Kim was rocked by BTS’s endorsement of his work.

And in his first tweet since early 2017, He replied to BTS saying “Can I cry? I want to call him Bangtan-hyung”. Paul Kim clearly has immense respect for BTS, even going so far as to call them brothers.

In an Instagram post the following day, he uploaded a picture with the comment “My feeling of starting this morning is totally Euphoria!”.

He is, of course, paying homage to “Euphoria” by Jungkook. He previously posted an Instagram story of him listening to Jungkook’s electric yet somber solo song.

It’s fantastic to see such talented artists show their respect for each other.


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