The Unexpected Reason Behind A “Debate” That Is Happening Online Between BTS And Taylor Swift Fans

It’s a mystery that won’t be solved until June!

What do BTS and Taylor Swift have in common?

They are two of the biggest artists in the world and have a global group of fans from across the world, with BTS’s ARMYs and Taylor Swift’s Swifties.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter
Taylor Swift | @taylorswift/Instagram

Netizens were confused when the two artists and their fandoms were being connected together because of “drama” online regarding a tweet, but with a hilarious plot twist.

On May 8, an author and editor posted a cryptic tweet about an upcoming project that was going to be released in June. In the image, it shared details such as the announcement coming on June 13, the publish date in July, and some other details.

What does this have to do with BTS and Taylor Swift?

As soon as the tweet was shared, the comments and RTs were full of ARMYs and Swifties, both believing it was their artist. For BTS, it was ARMYs’ knowledge that the idols never do anything half-heartedly, and there is always meaning behind their activity.

It was the idea that the pages add up to BTS’s debut date (along with June 13 being the exact date) but also July 9 being ARMYs’ birthday.

Others pointed out that the publisher’s social media account seems to showcase their ARMY status.

For Taylor Swift fans, there were also a lot of theories and posts on social media that seemingly revealed that the idol is set to release a book in the future. One user on Tumblr shared similar details of why it could relate to the idol, with 13 being the singer’s lucky number

ARMYs shared their reactions to the debate between ARMYs and Swifties about who was actually releasing the book.

When netizens saw what was happening online, they couldn’t hide their laughter. One fan gained attention after posting a video with the hilarious caption, “Watching Swifties preorder a random memoir en masse bc they thought Taylor wrote it, but it’s actually BTS.”


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In the comments, while some reiterated that the maths just made sense for BTS, others joked that they had no idea that this was happening, and some even said fans should wait for the announcement.

While fans wait for the official announcement, many have found it hilarious that both fandoms are finding anything to confirm it’s their artist that will be releasing the book.


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