BTS Broke Down In Tears After ARMYs Held This Surprise Event During Wembley Stadium

The members were shocked then immediately broke down in tears.

During BTS‘s second day at the Wembley Stadium, their 90,000 fans surprised them with a special “Young Forever” tribute. The members initially stood still, shocked by the event, then soon broke down in tears from the overwhelming emotions.


It all started when the staff members decided to hold a special event for BTS with the fans. They wanted to create a memorable moment that’ll last a lifetime for both the members and the fans who have worked so hard during their world tour.


As expected, the members were overwhelmed by the love that their staff and fans have prepared as they couldn’t hide their tears!


The members each expressed their gratitude and love to the fans who’ve supported them all throughout their world tour.

Jin: I think I’ll never forget this memory.

RM: We’re gon stay young forever, right? Let’s stay young forever together!

J-Hope: Wow. I was shocked. I was so surprised.

Suga: I thought they played the wrong song, but ‘Young Forever’ always has an emotional effect on me no matter when I listen to it.

Jungkook: I wasn’t going to cry today. This is why I can never stop loving you even if I tried.

Jimin: Everyone… This song is a song that comforted me greatly.



Even as the night continued, they couldn’t get over the event.


And the fans will never forget this moment too!


Here’s to BTS and ARMY to living “Young Forever” together!

Source: METRO