BTS Tease Lyrics From Their New Song “Take Two” For 10th Anniversary FESTA

We can’t wait!

BTS‘s 10th-anniversary FESTA is just getting started. Today, a video was released of the members preparing an ad, like ARMYs often prepare for their birthdays.

BTS’s 10th-anniversary family portrait | BIGHIT MUSIC

The members discussed ideas for phrases to include in the ad. So, Jimin reminded them about fan-prepared slogans. He remembered that previously ARMYs used, “Our beginning and end is you.” 


V was inspired by Jimin’s suggestion. Knowing that fans often use BTS lyrics for slogans, he suggested they use lyrics from BTS’s upcoming song “Take Two.”


V: How about revealing “Take Two?”

J-Hope: Oh! The lyrics? That too!

Suga: I like the idea of citing the lyrics of “Take Two.”

Most of the members agreed that it was a good idea. So, V suggested that they use a verse from Suga.

‘We’ll continue to be happy, so let’s be happy.’ I saw this in Yoongi’s lyrics.

— V

Previously, it was announced that BTS would release a new fan song titled “Take Two” for 2023 FESTA to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It will release on June 9.


See what they chose and watch the full video below.