No, It’s Not A Set — BTS’s Record Store Exists, And You Can Go There Too

Here’s where BTS performed their “Tiny Desk” concert.

If you’re planning a BTS-themed vacation after the pandemic ends, there’s a new place to add to your list!

On September 21, BTS guested on NPR Music‘s “Tiny Desk” for a cozy, virtual concert. They sang “Dynamite”, “Save Me”, and “Spring Day” in a record store that some viewers mistook for a set.

Although this “set” looks like it was custom-made for BTS’s disco-pop single, it’s a real store that’s open for business in Seoul’s Itaewon district.

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South Korea’s leading credit card issuer, Hyundai Card, opened Vinyl & Plastic in 2016 to meet the booming demand for vinyl records and provide a relaxing space for people to enjoy music and coffee in.

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Tucked into one corner, you’ll find a retro coffee bar to sip your drink of choice at while surrounded by artistic graffiti and the sounds of music’s greatest artists.

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Listen to used records while admiring rare ones framed on the walls…

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…or check out the display of classic turntables that will transport you to the golden age of analog.

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Don’t worry though. If CDs are more your thing, there are plenty to choose from too!

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Vinyl & Plastic is a music lover’s dream come true!

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